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The PowerJet TM Wind Turbine

About the PowerJetTM Wind Turbine

The PowerJetTM's unique technology features enclosed blades that are attached to housing on both ends, resulting in increased output, durability and reliability beyond that of similar-sized horizontal and vertical axis turbines. The PowerJetTM functions silently and safely, and the simplicity of its design allows the turbine to be manufactured from a wide range of materials. This reduces manufacturing costs below that of existing turbines on the market and significantly reduces the need for routine maintenance.

PowerJetTM Applications

The PowerJetTM wind turbine is efficient as a stand-alone system and as a supplemental source of energy that easily integrates with solar and other energy systems. It is available in 1-meter and 3-meter sizes with an output range of .5 kW - 3.6 kW, and is suitable for small grid-connected and off-grid applications.

  Farm / Ranch
  Water Pumping
  Remote Lighting, Security, Fencing



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