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Key Advantages


The PowerJetTM's revolutionary design enables it to outperform and outlast other small wind turbines designed for similar applications.

    Over Other Small Wind Turbines


    Greater Output


    More Efficiently Converts Wind Energy to Usable Power
    Maintains Efficiency Over a Wider Range of Wind Speeds


    Result: Greater Annual Output






    Slower Rotational Speed (60 rpm vs. up to 330 for 3-bladed turbines)
    Enclosed Blades (no vortex off blade tips to create high-pitched noise)


    Result: Silent Operation






    Slower Rotational Speed
    Blades Secured at Both Ends


    Result: Reduced Threat of Breakage


    Appears Solid When Spinning
    Enclosed Blades Can't "Chop" Objects that Enter Plane of Rotation


    Result: Reduced Threat To Wildlife



    More Durable



    Fewer Moving Parts
    Slower Rotational Speed
    Blades Secured at Both Ends


    Result:  Less Stress On Turbine, Generator and Tower
        Less Vulnerable in Severe Weather
        More Reliable Power Output


    1compared with similar-size non-utility wind turbines


    PowerJetTM vs. Solar Applications2


    Wind Challenge:
    Intermittent Energy Production; Dependent On Wind Resources
    POWERJETTM Advantage:
    Low cut-in speed increases energy production through wider range of wind speeds


    Wind Challenge:
    Energy Output Varies With Wind Speed
    POWERJETTM Advantage:
    Consistent tip speed ratio maximizes energy output


    Wind Challenge:
    Less Government Support Than Solar
    POWERJETTM Advantage:
    New, more efficient technology entering market while federal and state incentives are increasing


    Wind Challenge:
    Permitting & Siting Requirements Are Challenging
    POWERJETTM Advantage:
    Silent and safe operation addresses urban concerns


    Wind Challenge:
    Not Appropriate As Stand-Alone Off-Grid Application
    POWERJETTM Advantage:
    Efficient and reliable output; high tolerance for severe weather


    Wind Challenge:
    Moving Parts, Exposure To Elements May Cause Reliability Issues
    POWERJETTM Advantage:
    Operates through winds in excess of 65 mph, increasing energy output through wider range of wind speeds
    Enclosed blades and few moving parts create high tolerance for severe weather


    2 Pike Research, Small Wind Power: Distributed Wind Energy for Residential and Commercial Market [as compared with solar applications], 4th Qtr 2009



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