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The PowerJet TM

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    PowerJetTM vs. Skystream
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PowerJetTM Specifications

    PowerJetTM Wind Turbine1
    Configuration & Operational Data


    General Configuration


      Make, Model Prime Energy, PowerJetTM  
      Rational Axis   Horizontal  
      Orientation   Downwind  
      Number of Blades   16  
      Rotor Diameter   0.91 m  
      Hub Height as Tested   10 m  




      Rated Electrical Power   360 W  
      Rated Wind Speed   13.4 m/s (30 mph)  
      Cut-in Wind Speed   2.25 m/s (5 mph)  
      Cut-out Wind Speed   29 m/s (65 mph)  




      Swept Area (m2)   0.72  
      Direction of Rotation   Counter-clockwise  
    1 .91-meter test model


Click here to download the PowerJetTM specification sheet.



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